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A Bit About Us

Whitney Stark Pérez-Wright, or “Miss Whitt” and then “Mrs. Whitt” as Sam calls her, is Sam’s partner and founder of Sam’s World. 

Whitney and Sam’s love story is epic, eternal and beautifully written. Through Sam’s illness and death, and for years before, their magnetic unconditional love inspired others around them and continues to do so.

After their experience and Sam’s transition, Whitney knew their work was far from done. As an expert cardiac, cath lab and COVID critical care provider, they are painfully conscious of the tragic spiritual, physical and mental/emotional state we healthcare providers are in. As an alcoholic in many years of sobriety who almost lost their own life due to binge drinking triggered by trauma at work in the hospital, they have seen their whole career how addicts are grossly discriminated against in healthcare, and the intersectionality between addiction incidences, medical mistreatment, and other factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, socioeconomic status, disability, and the list goes on. 

The idea for Sam’s World came to Whitney the day a large group of her colleagues told them that Sam’s body was too damaged to even breathe on it’s own. Whitt let Sam fly from that cage, and he’s now guiding and helping her create a program that could actually help the situation we find ourselves in as humans. 

Whitney is currently in the gathering information, creating and organizing phase. They would love to share in any format to raise awareness and start helping us come together and create a little better world…. Aiming for the type of world Sam wants to see. Sam’s World.

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