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Nonprofit Organization in Progress, Inspired by the Life, Love, and Essence of Sam Perez-Wright.

Working in healthcare and communities to create true equity, support and healing for those who struggle with addiction to alcohol and drugs, through three pillars of community work.


Why We're Here

Healthcare providers are in crisis. Not only are they vastly illiterate about how to support patients who suffer from addiction, but many silently suffer from addiction themselves.

Inpatient addicts, whether sober or not, receive a markedly different standard of care as a rule. Stories like Sam's abound, and beautiful people are dying with less dignity than animals in shelters.

Addicts in the communities of New Mexico and across the nation lack cohesive, integrative support networks for recovery.


Supporting, educating and training Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals are one of the unhealthiest professional cohorts, with rising rates of depression, suicide, substance abuse, and more. They are in physical, psychological and spiritual crisis, killing people with errors and negligence daily. Many are addicts themselves, and have little to no education regarding not only how to care for patients who suffer from addiction. The stigma surrounding substance addiction in healthcare and punitive, discriminatory cultural attitude towards our patients who are addicts has created a culture where healthcare professionals suffer silently with addictions of their own.
We have reached critical mass at present. We have lost and are losing bedside nurses and other providers in record numbers first to death, and now to burnout, exhaustion, and deteriorating physical health. 
Training new nurses won’t help. The ones we need to save the lives of the most critically ill are the ones who have left and are leaving. There is no substitute for years at the bedside. One shift with an inexperienced, tired, burnt out nurse can kill a patient… or give them years more to live. Ask Sam. We experienced the most terrible side of this first hand, 
Our healthcare workers aren’t incompetent. They are intelligent, hard-working people with such a desire to serve that they will literally immerse themselves in a virus most run from to do something nobody else can in the moment. They need support- From the general public, the hospital administrators, and eachother. They need to be taught real ways to cope with this extremely challenging career that is getting more difficult daily. They need to develop resiliency from within, and re-learn to practice the true compassion that brought them to the field to begin with. 
If something does not change, in 10 or 20years or maybe even less, the true art of critical care nursing and excellent bedside care will be lost. For there will be nobody left to pass it on. We are here to help, and have concrete actions that can be taken now. Contact us to meet via zoom and learn how you can help turn your hospital culture around from the inside, sustainably. 

Changing how Addicts are treated in Hospital Settings

Addiction is a disease that is 100% fatal when untreated. The current practice is to replace an addiction with multiple medications and project failure and death onto addicts. With the addiction and alcoholism rates rising alarmingly, we will continue to care for many patients who have this underlying complicating pre-existing condition. Currently, this disease is not treated as something to support the patient through, but an inconvenience for the healthcare team. Healthcare providers withhold best-practice care from addicts and treat them as “less than.”  These human beings then suffer more complications and even death as a result. 
There are a myriad of interventions that will be employed in the inpatient hospital setting by the foundation to create and improve processes so inpatients who struggle with addiction, no matter the severity or duration, can be supported through their hospital stay and provided with optimal social, economic, psychological and spiritual support for recovery not only from any medical problem, but also their addiction.

Connecting the Community 

Addicts in the communities of New Mexico and beyond lack cohesive, integrative support networks for recovery. Many addicts are sedated through their withdrawal, given little to no inpatient addiction evaluation and treatment, and discharged with an admonition to “stop,” but no true help doing so. 
Our goal is to create an integrated web of support for our loved ones by creating a streamlined process that connects hospitals, inpatient and outpatient centers, sober living houses, NA and AA communities, outpatient therapy, correctional facilities, schools, shelters, and more. With this in place, people will have a much greater chance to do something Sam did…, which is something most addicts never do… live, and die sober and free.

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